Adventure in Tambopata

4 May

Adventure in Tambopata

Our adventure began in Cusco from where we took a 40 minutes flight that carry us to the city of Puerto Maldonado, where we meet our guides and who gave us a warm welcome.

Tambopata National Reserve

The Tambopata National Reserve is located in the south of the Madre de Dios River in Tambopata and Inambari districts of the Province of Tambopata, Madre de Dios Region; and its extension is 274 690 00 hectares.

This nature reserve holds one of the largest varieties of birds in Peru, the National Park seeks to preserve wildlife offering a great alternative of ecotourism.

EricXpeditions, is fortunate to be able to make many trips, which allows us to share with you our great experience and learning about the great animal and natural biodiversity, visit to Lake Sandoval on our last trip allowed us to enjoy some of these bird species as well as the appreciation of the wolf river.

Learn about ecosistems in Peru

Specialized local guides enable us to learn much more about this wonderful place, understand that this place can reach 400 inches rain per year with a moisture content of over 98%.

We could also see the aguajales, a very interesting ecosystem that provides protection for the black caiman. Likewise the people take advantage of the resources of these palm trees that provide fruit from which the locals prepare some drinks and ice cream made from aguaje, tipical fruit of rainforest in Peru.

We care about your adventure and confort

EricXpeditions organizes the entire trip that took us to this great adventure including air flights, lodges, guides and all services and requirements that our customers ask, as specific food, bird watching, and others.

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