Espirtu Pampa in the Vilcambamba. Unbelievable!

What a great trip. Eric took us on a 9 day hike through the Vilcambabma to the ancient ruins of Espirtu Pampa. We started breathtaking high where the thatch roof houses made with warm coverings to keep out the cold and walked down through cloud forests of warm thick fog and continued down to the hot high jungle area where the homes were made of thin sticks to let any breeze blow through. We ate sheep with the villagers and played soccer with the school children. The ruins were excellent but I more enjoyed the scenery and culture. Food was cooked by excellent chefs and we even had cold dessert in the steaming hot jungle. Eric was an excellent guide that explained plants, animals and the most interesting culture and history of Peru. The muleteers carried everything and were very helpful. It was a hard moderately hard hike and the sights and culture made this an unbelievable trip.